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A contract with the Public Administration is a business opportunity for all kinds of companies but, if you make mistakes during the bidding process, you could end up out of the race despite all your efforts and the expenses incurred.

To avoid this risk, we at Caamaño Asesores provide you with all the relevant information, taking care of all the technical and administrative paperwork required to present your bid according to the highest professional standards.

We provide a comprehensive advisory and representation service to companies in the most diverse sectors of activity that want to become providers of the public sector.

“I don't have neither friends nor foes, I have competitors".

Oristoteles Onassis

La firma de un contrato

The tender specifications are complex documents, difficult to understand when you don't have enough expertise in contracting with the Public Administration. In order to facilitate your decision making process, we analyze
the specifications of the tender to confirm the suitability of your company and to identify the critical success factors to prepare a winning bid. Once you have made your decision, you can leave the overall management of the bidding process in our hands and we will take care of the rest.

The proposal comprises the detailed description of the services that will be provided, according to resources that will be
made available and the know how of the company, and their cost. In the proposal, the way in which the contract will be executed must be described in an exhaustive and detailed way.


Our job is to ensure the necessary coordination of the data gathering and the necessary tasks to meet the requirements of the tender and to prepare the offer for its presentation to the Administration, based on the input provided by our client.

camión de la basura

We will keep you duly informed about the evolution of the tender process, answering any subsequent requests for information or documentation, acting as your representatives in the tender process.

Then, the signature of the contract implies the acceptance of a number of obligations and responsibilities. The non-compliance with their regulations may result in undesirable consequences (from the imposition of penalties to the cancellation of the contract and the banning from future tenders). Therefore, it is important to be aware of what those obligations are and to be fully compliant with their respective regulations at all times.

  • Justification. We take care of the coordination of the justification and documentation process in front of the Public Administrations in compliance with the regulations established for each specific tender.

  • Compliance. Most of the times, the signature of a the contract implies obligations that go beyond the moment of the request and that span over a number of years. In these cases, we perform periodic reviews to ensure the consistent compliance over the observance period.

Don't run unnecessary risks as a result of the absence of internal resources or the ignorance about the obligations assumed with the signature of a contract. Leave the control and the coordination of your internal and external resources in our expert hands.

plástico reciclado

The economic bid and those proposals that will be evaluated making use quantitative criteria or formulas require an in-depth analysis. Based on all the data available, the calculations and our hypothesis about the competitive landscape, our bid will be positioned within a narrow fork that will give us the best options to be successful. Only through a thorough cosst analysis will we be able to make the possible decisions at the time of attending a public tender.


Our system includes from the most basic direct costing analyses (personnel, machinery, materials) to the most sophisticated economic and financial viability studies. Additonally, we identify different scenarios and the critical points for each valuation criteria. All this allows us to fine tune our bid to maximize our potential of success.

Limpieza del estadio

This service consists in the outsourcing of the entire bidding process, with a taylor-made approach for each individual client. From the search and selection of tenders to the preparation of the bids and the follow up of the decision making process, we take care of the entire bidding cycle.


Different stages of the outsourcing process:

  1. Preliminary client analysis. Diagnosis of the potential of the company to engage in contratual obligations with the Public Administration.

  2. Identification of business goals. Evaluation of corporate needs to engage in public contracting and assessment of realistic expectations based on corporate background and historical data.

  3. Resource allocation. Right-sizing of the investment needed based on the expected market size.

  4. Operating plan of public tendering. Identify target administrations, types of contracts, contract size, geographic scope, etc.

  5. Process management. Implement the full outsourcing of the bidding process to our team.

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