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Expert advice for the identification and overall management of  public subsidies and grants to meet your business needs (investment projects, headcount increases, working capital needs, geographic expansion, etc). On one hand, we will keep you informed about the subsidies and grants that may become available to you, so you don't miss any opportunity. On the other, we will scout all the available subsidies and grants available for your specific needs. Once identified, we will manage the entire process, from beginning to end, coordinating any future audits and requests for the public administrations.

Additionally, we provide you with financial advice to identify other potential sources to finance your business project. Put your business project in our hands and let us help you structure and take care of its financial management.


The overall spectrum of subsidies and grants available for your business is certainly wide. However, in most instances, the main problem is that you don't have timely access to the calls for requests or you just don't know that they exist at all, so they are not even in considered as potential sources of financing. The diversity of administrative bodies involved, the many sectors and activities they are aimed at, the vast legislation applicable, the complexity of the administrative procedures, etc. end up in many missed opportunities to materialize investment projects to create jobs and improve efficiency and competitiveness.

We provide you with timely and complete access to all the subsidies and grants available to your business:

  • Information: All the subsidies and grants in your email as soon as they are published, so you never miss an opportunity again.

  • Search: We scout all the subsidies and grants available for your specific needs at any point in time. All the information in a single source.


Being informed is important... but it is not everything. Even more important is to have a technically and economically solid and professionally documented investment project.

Our services cover all your needs in this respect:

  • Application: We take care of the preparation of your file and of the coordination of all the requirements related to the request.

  • Follow up: We keep informed about each step of the process, advising you in relation with any requests for additional information or documentation from the administration, the acceptance or rejection of the subsidy or grant received, potential claims, etc.

Don't put your subsidy or grant at risk due to the incorrect management of the administrative process.


The acceptance of a public subsidy or grant implies the acceptance of a number of obligations and responsibilities. The non-compliance with their regulations may result in undesirable consequences (from the reimbursement of the funds received to the banning from future calls). Therefore, it is important to be aware of what those obligations are and to be fully compliant with their respective regulations at all times.

  • Justification. We take care of the coordination of the justification and documentation process in front of the public administrations in compliance with the regulations established for each specific subsidy or grant.

  • Compliance. Most of the times, the acceptance of a subsidy or grant implies obligations that go beyond the moment of the request and that span over a number of years (e.g., the acquisition of fixed assets or the hiring of a new employee). In these cases, we perform periodic reviews to ensure the consistent compliance over the observance period.

Don't run unnecessary risks as a result of the absence of internal resources or the ignorance about the obligations assumed with the acceptance of your public subsidy or grant. Leave the control and the coordination of your internal and external resources in our expert hands.


Although public subsidies and grants can be of good help, your investment project may not be eligible for them or additional funds may be required for their materialization. Our expertise in project finance allows us to offer you a broad spectrum of possibilities in this sense.

  • Loans and credit facilities: ICO lines (companies and entrepreneurs, SGRs, etc.), reimbursable loans, EU programs, etc. 

  • Investors Search: financing rounds, strategic alliances, joint-ventures, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

  • Business Angels: Business Angel network, startup funds, etc.

We provide you with overall financial advice for the search and identification of funding sources (additional or in replacement of public subsidies and grants) to make your business project come true. Put your business project in our hands and let us help you structure and take care of its financial management.

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