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Our interim management service provides you with specialized management resources on a temporary basis. Exalia identifies the best professionals for you, just for the time they are needed, so you can have access to experienced and highly qualified human resources to solve specific issues without the need to increase your medium and longer term operating expenses.

There are certain situations in which Caamaño Asesores' interim management services are indicated: crisis management, temporary vacancies (sickness leave or sudden employment termination), mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, consolidation of operations, special projects, etc.

Our interim management service has numerous advantages:


  • Immediate Reaction. In comparison with the weeks or months that it usually takes to select and recruit a candidate to fill a vacancy, our interim managers can be working at cruising speed in a matter of days, adding value to your business from the very first moment.


  • Expertise. Our interim managers have extensive professional experience at executive level, having the right profile for the job.

  • Objectivity. By staying aside of cultural or political biases, the interim manager provides a fresh and objective perspective which allows them to focus on the real needs of your business.

  • Responsibility and Commitment. Instead of assuming the role of mere external advisors, our interim managers take full accountability to successfully tackle the projects they are assigned, observing the highest professional standards. Their assignment to future projects depends on their performance and evaluation by our clients.

“After several years of continuous growth and diversification of our activities, the circumstances made it necessary to restructure and consolidate our group of companies. Although our management team had done a great job until that moment, it was evident to me that we would need external talent to take our organization to the next level. Caamaño Asesores provided us with the right individual to lead the process of change until it was successfully completed.”


A. Orozco - Grupo Orozco


“When our General Manager took a sickness leave, we didn't have a succession plan for her. Thanks to Caamaño Asesores, we filled her vacancy in record time with minimal impact on our business.”


S. Molina - Motecsa

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